Top five veggie glamping recipes

While the traditional idea of a barbeque or campfire may involve a fair share of meat, we know there’s a huge selection of delicious, healthy and colourful vegetarian meals which can be easily prepared during your glamping holiday. From tasty grilled vegetables to filling breakfast treats, there’s all manner of dishes to choose from. To get you started, we’ve picked five of our favourite veggie recipes for you to try over the firepit…

Avocado Pasta

Simple and delicious, we wouldn’t be surprised if you decided to make this recipe again and again! Crush up an avocado, then add the juice of one lemon and a handful of basil leaves. Mix everything together, then pop some wholegrain pasta on to boil. Once it’s ready, drain it off and toss in your mixture until everything is coated. Add some tomatoes, and you’re ready to eat!

Find the original recipe at Faramagan.

Vegetarian Nachos

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t love a gooey, delicious helping of nachos? Did you know you can make them over a campfire? Not only are they easy to make, but you can eat them with your hands. There’s nothing quite like grabbing a cold drink and digging into this dish around the fire after a long day of walking!

You’ll need to pack a Dutch Oven for this recipe – Simply add a layer of tortilla chips, then a layer of cheese and toppings, and repeat until the dish is full (or you run out of ingredients!).  Cover the oven and place on a metal grill over the campfire for about 10 minutes, until the cheese has melted.

Part of the beauty of these nachos is that you can use whatever combination of toppings you like! For a tasty veggie version, we’d recommend black beans, green onions, avocado, chopped tomatoes and coriander leaves.

Find the original recipe at Fresh off the Grid.

Caprese Wraps

Caprese Salad is a classic, and this version is perfect for eating off your lap around a roaring campfire. Add some olive oil into a pan and heat over the fire. Add a wrap with green pesto spread over about half, then put some slices of tomato, basil and mozzarella on top. Fold the wrap and leave it to cook until the cheese starts to melt. You'll have a tasty, healthy and refreshing meal in no time at all!

Find the original recipe at Faramagan.

Greek Veggie Kebabs

These colourful kebabs are a hit with little ones, thanks to the bright colours. Plus there’s always something extra fun about eating off a stick! Simply chop up halloumi, pepper and courgette (or whatever veggies you fancy!), and season with mint, chilli, lemon zest and pepper. Thread the vegetables and halloumi onto sticks and pop on the grill over the fire! Turn halfway through and cook until the cheese is golden and the vegetables are soft. These tasty kebabs are sure to be a hit, although make sure they’ve cooled for a moment before sharing with younger glampers!

Find the original recipe from Jamie Oliver.

Sweet Potato Fajitas

Another sure-fire hit around the campfire, these alternatives to traditional fajitas are delicious and don’t require any perishable ingredients - ideal for a holiday in the great outdoors.

First, mix together olive oil, chilli powder, cumin and salt. Slice sweet potatoes lengthwise into thin steaks, coat them in the marinade and let them sit while you get the fire blazing! Once it’s ready to cook on, slice up some peppers and onion and add them to a skillet with some olive oil to cook over the heat. Next, pop the sweet potatoes on the grill, turning after 5 minutes. Once they’re starting to go soft, take them off the heat and slice into strips. Pull the onion and peppers off the grill and get ready to serve in wraps.

Find the original recipe from Fresh Off the Grid.

There’s certainly no shortage of meat-free meals to enjoy on your glamping trip… we always love seeing all the creative, delicious ideas that our guests come up with! If you want to discover more veggie recipes do not hesitate to check our nettles article and explore all their delicious recipes.

If these ideas have whet your appetite for a spot of al-fresco cooking, make sure to book yourself a luxury glamping break today


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