What is Glamping?

Glamping is an increasingly popular type of holiday which combines the freedom and adventure of the great outdoors with the comfort and luxury of a cottage holiday. It’s a way to camp while still enjoying comfortable facilities and accommodation, creating an extra special break that’s perfect for couples, families and friends alike.

What exactly is glamping?

There are plenty of things about camping which sound appealing; the fresh air, closeness to nature, sense of adventure and ability to escape the outside world just being the start. However, there are also a great deal of aspects which we may be less enthusiastic about, including creepy-crawlies, bad weather, leaking tents, lumpy sleeping bags, and communal bathrooms.

The growing popularity of glamping means it’s never been easier to experience all the fun, pleasant parts of camping... without the stress! Glamping allows us to enjoy the great outdoors in the same way as traditional camping, but the facilities found at the campsite - and in the accommodation itself - far exceed anything most seasoned campers have ever experienced.

Family enjoing time on the deck of their luxury glamping tent

Glamping is for everyone

No matter what kind of break you’re planning, glamping could be the way to make it completely unforgettable. The kids will love running around and discovering nature in the fresh air, while there’s nothing quite like catching up with friends around a flickering campfire. Many of our properties are ideally located for enjoying some of the UK’s best attractions, or perhaps you’ll prefer to tuck yourself away and enjoy a romantic weekend with that special someone... whatever kind of holiday you’d like to enjoy, glamping is a fantastic choice.

Why glamping works

  • Enjoy time in the fresh air
  • Appreciate the great outdoors
  • Spend time with family and friends
  • Make some memories around the campfire
  • Enjoy alfresco meals
  • The peace and quiet of nature
  • Escape the chaos of modern life

Without the worst of camping:

  • Buying and moving mountains of equipment
  • Sleeping in an uncomfortable sleeping bag
  • Being too cold (or too hot!)
  • Visits from creepy crawlies
  • Communal bathrooms and toilets
  • Finding out your tent isn’t waterproof!
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What’s the difference between glamping and camping?

So, it all sounds great. But what does all this actually mean when it comes to you and your holiday? We’ve pulled together a list of five of the main differences between camping and glamping, so you know exactly what to expect.

Luxury glamping accommodation

1. Accommodation
After a long drive, the last thing most of us want to do is unpack a tent, find a spot and deal with pegs and canvas in the dimming light. With glamping, you don’t have to worry about any of that. You’ll find your accommodation ready and waiting for you when you arrive, usually including hot water and a working shower so you can wash the journey away.

Comfy proper beds

2. Sleeping
There’s a certain magic to falling asleep in a sleeping bag under the stars, but glamping provides something a bit different. You’ll have a comfortable bed with a real mattress, linens and pillows - perfect for snuggling down after a long day in the fresh air!

Bathrooms with properr toilets and hot running water

3. Bathrooms
Some campsites have a communal toilet and shower block, shared with the other campers on the sites. Some might not have anything at all! Either way, you’re likely to find yourself trekking across the dark site to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. On the other hand, many glamping properties have real bathrooms with hot running water and flushing toilets, so there’s no need to worry.

Unleash your inner chef cooking on the firepit

4. Cooking
We may be biased, but we think that campfire food is some of the most delicious food you can make. There’s just something special about cooking up burgers, sausages, baked potatoes, s’mores and more over an open fire. Whether you’re camping or glamping, you’ll be able to enjoy cooking your food in the fresh air. With glamping, you’ll also have the choice of cooking over a hob, perhaps with your own little kitchenette... a little easier if the weather isn’t quite behaving itself!

You'll stay warm and cosy with wood fired heating

5. Heating
During a camping holiday, you’ll find jumpers and vests are your main weapon against the cold... and we can’t forget a pair of cosy socks! With glamping, most accommodation will be equipped with some kind of heating, whether it’s a wood burning stove or underfloor heating, so you won’t have to worry about keeping warm on those cooler evenings.

So, if you like the idea of getting out and about in the fresh air, but are less keen on some of the finer aspects of ‘roughing it’, then glamping might be for you! It’s the perfect combination of getting back to nature and enjoying a relaxing, luxury break.

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A brief history of glamping

Glamping is a relatively new arrival in the UK, and arrived to fill a need for a camping experience that offered a hotel feel. Originally called ‘luxury camping’, it soon became known as glamping - a mixture of ‘glamour’ and ‘camping’. It’s also sometimes called ‘posh camping’ and ‘comfortable camping’, but the idea remains the same… all the fun of camping, without the stress!

UK Glamping quickly became more and more popular, with more kinds of accommodation and holiday springing up all over the country. Including everything from yurts to treehouses, and teepees to shepherd huts, the variety available to campers still continues to grow, nestled in some of the UK’s most spectacular locations. After all, these green and pleasant lands are the perfect place to unplug your phone, sit back in the fresh air and really get back to nature!

Glamping Hideaways was started to offer you the best possible collection of glamping retreats across the UK, all in one place. Simply sit back, browse our collection and start dreaming of your next adventure.

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The benefits of glamping

Some of the main advantages of glamping have already been explained, but there are many more benefits to discover...

Eco-friendly glamping retreats

Finding a ‘greener’ type of break

We all want to be more environmentally friendly, and glamping is one way to enjoy a holiday while still being ‘green’. Compared to a hotel or cottage, there’s a much lower carbon footprint from electricity, gas and water systems. Sourcing local food and provisions is also easier, and you can ditch the car and discover all manner of delights on foot. Our sites are also all in the UK, eliminating the need to jump on a plane! It’s a great way to be more environmentally conscious without sacrificing that special family getaway.

Escape the 9-5 and reconnect with nature

Getting closer to nature

There are numerous health benefits linked to spending time in nature, both physically and mentally. Glamping allows you to experience all that peace and quiet, fresh air and tranquility without the stress and worry of providing for yourself. It’s a fantastic way to remove yourself from the stresses of work, technology and whatever else is bothering you, and instead focus on the sound of birdsong and the feeling of nature all around you.

Make time for you loved ones, reconnect with family and friends

Reconnecting with family or friends

If you’re hoping to spend time with the people you love, glamping is a great choice. You’ll share new experiences, and take time to truly be together without the distraction of screens or work. You’ll share special moments around the campfire, explore new places and make memories which will last long after your return home. Being outside in nature really is a catalyst for bringing people closer together, prompting conversation and forming closer relationships. It’s no wonder many families come back time after time!

Try a different kind of break, explore our uniqe glamping properties.

Trying something new

If you’re glamping with children, or are just feeling swept up in the sense of adventure which comes with a truly unique holiday, then why not try something new during your break? It’s a great way to let younger visitors out to explore in a safe environment, or you could even head further afield and visit one of the many fun attractions nearby. Why not try a new recipe on the campfire, attempt to identify the local wildlife, or test your map reading skills? Glamping gives you an unmatched opportunity to do this and much more.

Stunning glamping sites across the UK

Glamping sites across the UK

No matter where in the UK you are, from the Yorkshire Dales to the Isle of Wight, you’re bound to find a glamping property which works for you in our collection. Whether you’re dreaming of a yurt, a shepherds hut or a luxury safari tent, make sure to take some time to browse our 40+ properties across the country!


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