Who goes Glamping?

Glamping has been gaining in popularity in recent years, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing. We can see why – with all the excitement and ‘getting back to nature’ of camping, combined with the comfort of a cottage or hotel break, it’s the best of both worlds. But who exactly chooses a glamping holiday, and is it something you might enjoy?
(Spoiler: we think so!)

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What is a glamper?

Put simply, a glamper is someone who goes glamping! They’re adventurers who love getting out and enjoying the great outdoors, whilst also making the most of the finer things in life. Check out this article if you want to know what is glamping

Who goes glamping?

So, what type of people go glamping? Glampers can be anyone; young or old, male or female, in a group or travelling solo. In our opinion, there’s no one who can’t benefit from a few days amongst nature.
Imagine a long walk along a rugged coastline, followed by sinking into an outdoor hot tub with a glass of wine, or relaxing by the firepit while the stars come out – this is the kind of day which is core to a glamping holiday, perfectly combining adventure, style and comfort. If that sounds like you, then you might just be a glamper!

Why is glamping good for you?

Many of the people who try glamping do so looking for some positive changes. There are countless benefits of glamping on both your body and mind. Exercise in the fresh air has an obvious positive effect on your physical health, but new experiences, beautiful surroundings and spending time in nature is also fantastic for your mental wellbeing. In fact, this is one of the reasons many people become regular ‘glampers’!

Here we’re going to take a look at what kind of people go glamping, including;

Luxury glamping accommodation

1. Glamping for couples
Glamping for 2 is a favourite amongst couples looking for a romantic getaway. Perhaps it’s the seclusion, the fairy lights, the flickering campfire or the clear view of the stars, but there’s certainly a romantic feel to this kind of holiday. Many glamping sites have plenty of quirky extra features like these, all of which make for a lovely couples’ escape. Let’s not forget many are close to all manner of beautiful walks, cosy pubs, beautiful vistas and fun attractions to enjoy together. Luxury glamping for couples with hot tubs is also a firm favourite for a romantic holiday – there’s nothing quite like cracking open a bottle of something fizzy and sinking into the water as the sun sets above you.

Comfy proper beds

2. Glamping for families
Glamping, at least in our opinion, is the perfect break for families. Whether it’s just you and the kids, or you want to bring grandparents, aunts and uncles along, there’s no better way to reconnect and spend some time with your nearest and dearest. The little ones are bound to find the idea of sleeping in a tent, lodge or yurt in the middle of the countryside thrilling. They can run and play to their heart’s content while the grown-ups catch up on the veranda or around the fire. Add in a whole host of fun family attractions within easy reach, countless opportunities to play and (hopefully) a good night’s sleep after a day in the fresh air, and you have everything covered.

Unlike camping, glamping also means that you’ll have everything you need during your family holiday. From travel cots and real beds, to hot showers and high chairs, family glamping is when the convenience of our sites really pays off.

Bathrooms with properr toilets and hot running water

3. Glamping with friends
Whether you’re an adventurous bunch itching to get out and explore, or are happy sharing a bottle of wine as you chat around a flickering fire, glamping with friends is a wonderful way to catch up and make some memories. Forget squeezing everyone into one canvas tent or queuing for showers – with a glamping holiday everyone can have their own proper bed and facilities, making enjoying a holiday alongside a large group totally stress-free.
Many of our glamping locations are also within easy reach of festivals, attractions, bustling towns and other fun activities. This means they can be the perfect base for all kind of holidays with friends. It can also be possible to book multiple properties on one site of location, so you can all have your own space and join together in the evening to catch up over an alfresco meal.

Unleash your inner chef cooking on the firepit

4. Glamping solo
Of course, you don’t need a huge group to enjoy glamping. In fact, solo glamping is something we’d totally recommend! Unplug from the chaos of everyday life and escape to a secluded retreat in the middle of nature, surrounded by woodland and rolling countryside. Read a book, write, take a long walk or simply sit back and feel your stress melt away.
Whether you decide to escape for a long glamping weekend or a full week or a one night glamping break, there’s no denying the benefits of glamping solo. You’ll return feeling relaxed, revived and ready to take on the world!

You'll stay warm and cosy with wood fired heating

5. Glamping with pets
If there’s any kind of holiday suited for furry friends, it’s glamping. Glamping with pets, and dogs in particular, is a delight for everyone. Dogs love the wide-open spaces that glamping provides, with countless opportunities to sniff out new scents, explore different walking routes and relax in the evening sun! Many of our dog-friendly glamping sites are also within easy reach of pubs, cafes and attractions which allow canine visitors, so there’s no reason to worry about having to leave your pet behind during your break. Explore our dog friendly glamping sites now. Or if you don’t like dogs or you have any allergies you can also check our pet-free glamping sites to enjoy an amazing experience.

Luxury glamping accommodation

6. Accessible glamping
Accessible glamping means that mobility issues don’t need to hold you back during your glamping holiday. Wheelchair accessible glamping properties mean that everything, including bedrooms and bathrooms, is on one level – tents and yurts, in particular, are great for this, and are pre-erected ready for you when you arrive. Guests may also be able to drive straight up to the property, and the fact that you can rest in a real bed and have your own private bathroom also adds extra convenience.

To speak to us about accessible glamping and your requirements, please give our team a call on 01328 887452.

Comfy proper beds

7. Glamping is for all budgets
One question we often hear is ‘is glamping expensive?’ Like all holidays, it can vary. Luxury glamping, on a whole, is a more budget-friendly break than booking a five-star hotel, but if you’re looking to host dozens of people in luxury, with hot tubs, activities and catering, you will of course spend more.

That said, there are also plenty of options if you don’t want to spend as much. In fact, glamping can be very reasonably priced. After all, no matter what you spend or how big your property, you’ll be able to enjoy gorgeous open spaces, unrivalled access to nature and spectacular scenery. Cooking outdoors and spending your days walking and exploring also keeps costs down, as does booking mid-week and during term times.

To see how much you could save on a glamping break, make sure to take a look at our special offers page.

Bathrooms with properr toilets and hot running water

8. Glamping is for all ages
But how old do you have to be to go glamping? Can you go glamping with a baby? When it comes to glamping holidays, we wholeheartedly believe that the only limitations are the ones you set yourself. Once you have the right mindset, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy a magical holiday in the great outdoors. Little ones will love the novelty of the unique accommodation and being lost in nature, while the luxury touches and peace and tranquillity are sure to please older guests (although we know plenty of you will be itching to climb a tree as well!).

Glamping really is for all ages and abilities, and here at Glamping Hideaways we love nothing more than finding you a site that ticks all the boxes – whether that’s providing a travel cot and high chair or pointing the way to the local pub!

Glamping is for everybody!

As we hope you’re realised, glamping really is for everyone. You don’t have to have a certain budget, be a certain age or type of person to be a ‘glamper’ – that’s part of the reason we love it so much! If you’re ready to start your glamping adventure, make sure to browse our properties today.

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