Glamping FAQ for Lantern & Lark Sites

Q: What is glamping?

A: Glamping is a combination of ‘glamourous’ and ‘camping’. As the name suggests, it blends the fun and excitement of camping in the great outdoors with the luxury of a hotel or cottage stay.

Q: What is the difference between camping and glamping?

A: The main difference between camping and glamping is the facilities available. Camping may mean pitching your own tent, cooking outside and sharing a bathroom block. Meanwhile, many glamping sites have facilities such as real beds, running water, cooking facilities and heating and private bathrooms to make your stay comfortable. Find out more here.

Q: What to pack for glamping?

Part of what makes glamping popular is that a lot of the necessities are already provided for you. This means you don’t need to pack bedding, cooking equipment, etc. For a list of what you do need, making sure to read our ultimate guide to glamping.

Q: How old do you have to be to go glamping?

We have everyone from babies to grandparents joining us at our glamping sites. For very young guests, we recommend coming when the weather is warmer. We also supply travel cots for an additional cost.

Q: What is a glamping pod?

We don’t have glamping pods at our sites, which are traditionally wooden structures or huts that vary in size, we do have beautiful, spacious safari tents which offer more than enough protection from the elements.

Q: How big are the tents?

Our tents are big enough to sleep six, with three bedrooms (one double, one twin and one bunk bed). There’s a large open plan living and dining area, as well as a private wash room and shower room. Although the real appeal of the tents is the magnificent surroundings and scenery, you’ll have plenty of space to stretch out should the weather turn.

Q: What does the price include?

A: The price you see is the price you pay, there are no hidden costs. This price includes all bed linen (pillow covers, duvet covers and bed sheets), bath towels, hand and tea towels and beds made up on arrival. Also included is a firepit which doubles up as a BBQ, plus unlimited wood for the duration of your stay. Wood can be used on the outdoor firepit/BBQ or used on the log burner which is your heat source and one of your cooking sources.

Q: What type of cooking facilities are there.

A: We have provided a log burning range within the tent. You can cook on the hob, or heat or even roast in the oven. It does take a little longer than a conventional oven, and the temperature varies with the amount of wood and the speed of its burning, so be prepared for a little trial and error, but the results should be acceptable, and if not – well you can always blame the oven. For quick meals and the early morning cuppa as the stove lights up, we supply a twin gas hob.

The log burning stove in the main room of the tent has a hob

Q: Is there a WC inside the tent?

A: Yes, each tent has its own flushing loo (just like the one you have at home!) - so no long walk across the campsite to the shared toilets in the middle of the night!

The flushing toilet inside the wash room

Q: Where can you shower?

A: Each tent has its own gas powered hot water shower in a cubicle at the rear. The heater kicks in "on demand" but children should be supervised at all times as there is no anti-scald facility attached.There is STILL no need to make the half-dressed dash across the campsite!

Q: Is there water in the tent?

A: Each tent has a hand basin in the toilet and shower room each with a hot and cold tap. There is also a washing up basin in the kitchen area with a hot and cold tap.

Q: Can we bring our pet?

A: We do accept dogs on our sites, but there is a cleaning charge of £20 per dog for this. We do not allow dogs on furniture or bedding. Please ensure they are under control and on a lead at all times - you are in a livestock area and farmers will not be happy if their stock is disturbed.

Q: What is the length of stay?

A: We offer full weeks starting on Monday or Friday or weekend breaks Friday to Monday or mid week breaks Monday to Friday.

Q: How many tents do you have on each site?

A: Each site is different and the layout will vary with each. However, most of our sites have between 4-6 tents.

Q: Can we pitch our own tents on site as well?

A: We regret that we do not allow other tents on site.

Q: What is the earliest arrival time?

A: We like to welcome our guests between 4 and 6 p.m.

Q: Can we park beside the tent?

A: We regret that we do not allow vehicles on site. You must park your car in the nearby car park, and we supply a fleet of wheel barrows to enable you to transport your luggage to your tent. Please return them to the car park after use.

Q: What can we get in the honesty shop?

A: The honesty shops vary per farm. We aim to provide a small store of essentials such as matches, fire lighters, loo roll, tins of baked beans and candles. Beyond that, it depends on the local fare on offer. They are unlikely to offer any perishable items, so no bread, milk or butter...

Q: How do we keep food items cold?

A: There are two cold box chests in each tent which you keep cool with frozen packs. These are provided free of charge at the honesty shop. Just return the old pack and replace it with a new one.

Q: Can you supply fireguards?

A: We do have fireguards. They should help reduce the chance of an accident, but parental supervision near the stove is a must.

Q: Can we light camp fires? Can we hire a Firepit/BBQ?

A: We regret that for safety reasons, open fires are NOT permitted on site. If you DO want a camp fire, you can use the firepit that is included for the entire duration of your stay. The firepit comes with an unlimited supply of logs that you can also burn on your log burner.

Q: How do I find the contact details and location of the site where we are going?

A: Once you have made a booking with us which is fully paid, we will forward you a welcome document that includes full details of your site.

Q: Do you supply electricity or Wifi in your tents?

A: No, we have no electricity on site. Light is provided by candles and oil/battery lamps, and heat and cooking facilities are provided by the log burner. Wifi? Never heard of it... this is a camping holiday.

Q: Is there a mobile phone signal on the site?

A: Our sites are chosen for their character and remoteness, so signal may be pretty limited. You may need to be prepared to travel a little way to pick up a signal.

Q: Do we have to clean the tents when we leave?

A: We ask that the washing up is done and all rubbish bagged and taken to the rubbish area. If you take more than one tent, please ensure that any items that have migrated from one tent to another make their way back again.

Q: Do you accept adult only large group bookings?

A: Yes, we accept adult only large group bookings if the whole site is booked out. Our sites are perfect for large gatherings with our sites able to accommodate between 30 – 36 guests in 5 to 6 tents. To speak to our large groups co-ordinator please call 01328 803803 or email Also you will receive a 10% large group discount when the whole site is booked. With adult only large group bookings we require a security deposit of £1000 per large booking, this will be refunded within 7 days of your departure.

Q: Do we need to bring cooking utensils, plates, cups, knives and forks?

Lantern & Larks provides all cooking utensils including saucepans, frying pans, spatulas, spoons etc. So there's no need to worry. You'll also find plates, cups, glasses and cutlery in your tent – everything you need!

Q: What extras do you recommend we bring along?

If you're not planning on doing a food run as soon as you arrive on site, then it might be a good idea to bring along some food and drink to keep you going. If you do forget any essentials each site has a well-stocked honesty shop with food supplies and camping gear like matches, fire lighters, loo roll and candles.

Even in the summer the evenings can get a little chilly, so bring along a good amount of clothes to layer up if necessary.

Q: Are ball games allowed on the sites?

Yes ball games are allowed on all of our sites! There's lots of room for outdoor play and most of our sites have an allocated patch of grass which is kept cut short to specifically allow for ball games.

Q: Is there a first aider on site or first aid facilities?

Each tent has a first aid kit provided which is regularly checked and stocked up.

Q: Are the sites secure?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the security of our sites. They are however quite secluded and, in most cases, the site manager lives on site and is always present. So we feel they're as safe as they can be.


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