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The only guide to Glamping you need

New to glamping? Thinking of taking your family, friends or loved ones and need a useful guide to help you plan your trip? Whatever reasons you have, you’ll find this guide your one-stop checklist and go-to resource for glamping from Glamping Hideaways.

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Who is this guide for?

  • Kids

    Even the children can help plan and get involved with this friendly guide!

  • Dogs

    Glamping is a dog friendly activity with endless room to run and play with the whole family.

  • Mature

    Older couples and groups can escape to the country and enjoy time out under the stars.

  • Family

    If you're taking the family away you'll also find this guide packed with useful information for everyone coming along.

  • Romance

    If you and your partner are escaping for some time on your own this guide will also help you decide what you need.

What is glamping?

Glamping is a unique way to spend time enjoying the outdoors without having to commit to the formalities of traditional camping. It’s camping with the comforts of home or glamorous camping, which is where the name ‘glamping’ came from! You still have a tent, but rather than sleeping bags and cramped spaces you can enjoy warm, cosy home-like surroundings with a bed, walls and a kitchen. Glamping allows you to experience the serenity and unique outdoor experience that traditional camping offers, just with the comforts of home!

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The history of glamping

  • 1500s Glamping

    1500s - The Scottish Duke of Atholl created a glamping in the Highlands for King James V and his mother.

  • 1920s Glamping

    1920s - The African Safaris popular with the rich which meant luxury camping - glamping on Safari!

  • 2005 Glamping

    2005 - The word 'glamping' arrives in the UK.

  • 2007 Glamping

    2007 - Glamping had taken the UK and Ireland by storm, now gaining popularity across the pond in the US.

Types of glamping

  • Tent Circle Icon


    Although this may seem like traditional canvas this is genuine camping in luxury and style. Imagine a luxury home with canvas walls.

    Book a Safari tent
  • Yurts Circle Icon

    Yurts & Domes

    These types of traditional tents echo the archaic types used throughout history. They're usually open floor with a fire in the middle.

    Browse our yurts and domes
  • Treehouse Circle Icon


    Usually wooden, this is luxury camping above the ground and in amongst the trees. Heights, styles and locations vary from small huts to huge connected buildings.

    Find your perfect treehouse
  • Tepee Circle Icon


    Reminiscent of the camps used by Native Americans but much more luxurious. These are wide at the bottom with a peak in the top of the tent.

  • Camper Van Circle Icon

    Camper Van

    Glamping on the move; you can hire a luxury camper van and pitch up almost anywhere you like and enjoy a different view every morning.

    Rent a camper van
  • Eco-Pod Circle Icon


    A newer form of glamping, these pods vary in size but rely on eco-friendly living for fuel and warmth. Many have full glass front and backs.

    Stay in a glamping pod

Where to go glamping

Glamping is available right across the UK in many locations. However, there are four Lantern & Larks sites, stunning locations for you to enjoy.

  • Orange map point


    Located in the western edge of the Forest of Bowloand in Lancashire. Visit location.

  • Yellow map point

    Exton Park

    Luxury campsite which is Grade II listed in Exton Estate near Rultand. Visit location.

  • Blue map point

    Sweffling Glamping Campsite

    Located in Suffolk's rural triangle near the eastern coast. Visit location.

  • Grey map point

    Kittisford Barton

    Stunning scenery of Somerset very close to Taunton on the south coast. Visit location.

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What to bring glamping

Toilet Roll Stick for roasting on campfire Book Bottle Lighter Chocolate Bar Pill - Medication Camera iPod
  • Entertainment

    • Favourite books
    • Favourite magazines
    • Outdoor games
    • Football
    • Kid's indoor toys
    • Guide books
    • Local area maps
    • Pens and paper
  • Clothing

    • Warm weather clothing
    • Cold weather clothing
    • Wet weather clothing
    • Wellies
    • Sun hats and glasses
    • Extra blankets
    • Night wear
    • Walking boots
  • Essentials

    • Hygiene kits
    • Toiletries
    • Spare toilet roll
    • Phone
    • Electronic chargers
    • Pet food and kit
    • Paperwork
  • Luxury Items

    • Favourite wine and beer
    • S'more making equipment
    • Binoculars
    • Camera
    • Slippers
    • Torch

What to wear glamping

Spring & Autumn

  • Bobble Hat


  • Raincoat


  • Wellington Boots Hiking Boots

    Boots and Wellies

  • Gloves Pair of Socks

    Gloves and thick socks

  • Scarf


  • Jumper - Sweatshirt



  • Sunglasses


  • Raincoat


  • Shorts


  • Sandals/Flip-Flops


  • Sunhat


  • T-Shirt


What to expect from going glamping

  • Weather

    The weather is British! So no matter what time of the year you're coming we recommend being prepared for rain and shine. Layering is the key.

  • Cooking

    Most glamping locations have cooking facilities. This could be in your accommodation or away. We provide a butane hob and wood burning stove.

  • Noises

    There's going to be some interesting noises - you're outside amongst nature. You'll hear things you don't usually - enjoy them and listen!

How to cook glamping style

Cooking while glamping is half the fun! We provide a butane hob and wood burning fire for you to conjure up your culinary glamping delights. Here are some tips for cooking while luxury camping.

  • Light a fire

    Remember to take matches and a lighter with you. We also recommend some old newspaper as tinder to help things get going.

  • Keeping cool

    There's not usually any fridge available when glamping but some sites (such as Lantern and Larks) have interesting refrigeration techniques. A cool box is an option.

  • Pots and Pans

    Most glamping locations provide these for you (it is luxury camping, right?) so there's no need to drag them along with you like traditional camping.

  • Utensils

    Similarly to pots and pans all cooking and eating utensils are provided for you. Bring along the children's or baby's but all other utensils will be in your accommodation waiting for you on arrival.

Top tips

  • Bring along the kid's eating utensils
  • Bring extra matches, lighters and fire lighters
  • Try new things! Find camping recipes and try them!
  • Bring marshmallows, biscuits and chocolate to make s'mores

Glamping activities

  • Explore

    Each glamping location is surrounded by stunning countryside and woodland. Get your shoes and coat on and go exploring the wilderness with the family. Fresh air, wildlife and nature spotting!

  • Local places

    Each location is close to areas of interest. Get out during the day and visit some local attractions; there's something for everyone to do from family parks to historical attractions.

  • Walking

    Every glamping site is surrounded by paths and walkways just waiting to be explored. Take a hike across the countryside and absorb the sounds and magnificent sites.

  • Campfire

    The campfire is a place of community and bonding. Play games, drink, eat and enjoy each other's company around the campfire. Real quality time together.

Glamping activities for kids

  • Games Icon


  • Nature Icon

    Nature Spotting

  • Scrapbook Icon

    Scrapbook Making

  • Scavenge Icon

    Scavenger Hunt

  • Clouds Icon

    Cloud Spotting

  • Den Building Icon

    Den Building

  • Trail Finding Icon

    Trail Finding

  • Star Gazing Icon

    Star Gazing

  • Hide and Seek Icon

    Hide and Seek