10 ways glamping benefits health & wellbeing

We all know that getting out and about in the country can be great for your health. A bit of fresh air, sunshine and exercise can make you feel like a completely new person.

A glamping break is a fantastic way to enjoy a few days in the great outdoors. Spend your evenings cooking over a firepit and enjoying the stars, while the daylight hours are perfect for exploring everything the local area has to offer, from woodland walks to sunny days at the beach. You’re guaranteed to leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

If you’re still on fence about booking a glamping holiday, take a look at the ways that glamping can benefit your body and mind!

1. Exercise

It’s recommended that people get et at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise a week. During a glamping break, you’ll easy hit that target! Walking on the beach, playing with the dog, building dens and exploring the local countryside all counts towards your quota, and you’ll be having so much fun that you probably won’t even realise it!  

2. Clean Air

Fresh air has been shown to boost your immune system, give you energy and improve your lung and brain health… not to mention give you a surge of endorphins, known as the happy hormones! Our sites are all nestled in the countryside, surrounded by trees and plants, so it’s no effort at all to get out there and take a deep breath of clean, fresh air.

3. New experiences

They say a change is as good as a rest, and there are plenty of new experiences to try while glamping. From experimenting with recipes over the fire to sleeping under canvas, or even something to get the heart pumping, such as surfing or climbing, there’s plenty of opportunity to try something new during your holiday.

4. Lots to learn

Don’t tell the kids, but glamping can actually be a very educational experience. From learning about the trees and foliage of your surroundings, to exploring different parts of the country, you’ll find plenty of chances to learn.

5. Good night’s sleep

How many of us can say we regularly get a good night’s sleep? Research has shown time and time again that a natural sleeping pattern gives you a much better quality of sleep. A glamping break is a great way to find that pattern; the early morning sunshine and slow sunsets both act as ques for the body to wake up or wind down. Finding a natural sleeping pattern can take as little as three nights. Combined with all that fresh air and exercise, you’ll be nodding off in no time!

6. Beating stress

The sound of the wind through the trees, birds singing, a babbling brook… not to mention the chance to drink in nature or simply sit in the sun with a good book! Glamping is a fantastic way to escape the stress and chaos of modern life. Switch off your phone, sit back and feel yourself relax.

7. Boost your mood

Many studies have suggested that spending time outside can boost your mood, even helping combat signs of depression. In fact, a holiday in the fresh air has been shown to give you a mental boost for up to two weeks!

8. Beautiful surroundings

There’s a great deal to be said for simply sitting back and enjoying the beauty of nature. Whether it’s the dramatic cliffs of Cornwall or the picture-perfect Suffolk countryside, there’s so much to discover around our sites. The more you look, the more you see, and getting out and about will leave you feeling relaxed and appreciative of the beauty all around you.

9. Great food

After a long day exploring, you’re sure to build up quite an appetite! A glamping break is the perfect opportunity to try cooking something new – make sure to take a look at our healthy and veggie firepit recipes! Of course, you’ll deserve a few treats during your holiday, so make sure to pack some marshmallows and other treats to toast over the flames.

10. Amazing company

The most important part of any break is spending some quality time with the people you love. With no distractions, just the great outdoors and your cosy tent, you’ll have the perfect time to sit down and make some memories. From games in the forest to bedtime stories around the fire, it’s a magical way to reconnect with those closest to you.

After all that, it’s no wonder so many of our guests return to Lantern & Larks again and again! You’re bound to finish your glamping break feeling refreshed and ready to face the world… not to mention counting down the days until your next visit!

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