7 reasons we love autumn glamping breaks

There’s something magical about the UK countryside in autumn. The spectacular palette of red and gold and the crisp, fresh air, all set off by the last of the year’s sunshine… what better time to enjoy the great outdoors? While many people may think of glamping as a ‘summer break’, we believe that autumn getaways are some of the most special. Here’s just some of the reasons that we think you’ll fall in love with glamping this autumn.

1) Spectacular country walks

While the British countryside is always bursting with beautiful landscapes and views, there’s some extra magic to be found during an autumnal stroll. Perhaps it’s the fiery colours of the trees, the crunch of fallen leaves, or the sunshine on the morning frost. Perhaps it’s grabbing a colourful scarf and not worrying about getting too hot while setting out on your adventures. Whatever your reasons, you’re bound to return feeling energized and refreshed. Just make sure to bring your camera - you'll want to capture those precious moments among the autumn foliage!

Autumn also brings all manner of things to discover during your walks. From juicy blackberries to spikey chestnuts, there’s some delicious treats to be found growing in the wild. Don’t miss our blog about foraging during this special time of year.

2) Escape the crowds

Many attractions, sites and towns are much quieter at this time of year compared with the school holidays and summer months. So why not take advantage of this peace and quiet and indulge in a truly relaxing break? Whether you’re enjoying a romantic walk along an empty beach, grabbing a last-minute reservation at a popular restaurant, or simply sitting back and listening to the birds, there’s plenty to be said for this peaceful time of year.

3) Fun for the whole family…

If you do decide to treat the kids this autumn, then you won’t have to worry about keeping them entertained. We already shared a blog about some fantastic autumn crafts for you and your little ones to get involved in, and that’s just the start! Why not go on the hunt for conkers and set up your own championship? Or grab your wellies and go jumping through piles of fallen leaves? We love the idea of finishing up your day by trying to create the most elaborate hot chocolate and sharing stories around the campfire… it really is an adventure that both adults and children will remember forever!

4) … including the dog!

Let’s not forget your furry friends! Dogs are welcome to join you on your glamping holiday. In fact, they can benefit from a break in the fresh air as much as we do! Autumn is an especially exciting season, as the world transforms and all kinds of new sounds and smells emerge to keep your dog entertained. There’s few things are enjoyable as watching your furry friend dive into the colourful foliage!

Our sites are close to all kinds of dog-friendly attractions that are open throughout the year. Our Sweffling, Kittisford and Bleasdale sites are within driving distance of the beach, so you can take your canine companion for a good run on the sand! Many beaches also relax their dog restrictions during the autumn, making it a great time for a getaway with man’s best friend!

5) Cosying up around the fire

For us, one of the best parts of an autumn glamping break is cuddling up around the firepit. With the evenings getting darker, you can really enjoy the atmosphere of the flickering flames. You could grab a blanket and a hot drink and spend a romantic evening that special someone, or why not try your hand at cooking over the coals  - these recipes for Berry Baked Apples and Campfire deserts are real autumnal treats!  Whatever you decide, there’s nothing like enjoying the sounds, sights and smells of a real fire during a cool autumn evening. Even if the weather turns, all our tents are equipped with high-quality woodburners, so you can still enjoy that cosy atmosphere.

6) Amazing skies

With the darker evenings and clear skies, you’re bound to enjoy at least one celestial show during your autumn glamping break. Whether it’s a spectacular sunset or a sparking night sky, it’s well-worth turning your gaze skywards before the chill of winter truly sets in. Don’t miss our Stargazing blog to learn more about what you can see around our sites, including the several Dark Sky sites within easy reach.

7) Warming local pitstops

Last but not least, autumn is an amazing time of year to explore the areas around our sites. There’s no shortage of cosy cafes and tearooms to discover… after all, there’s something extra rewarding about digging into a tasty meal or sipping a warm mug of tea after a brisk autumnal walk. You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to cosy local pubs to sequester yourselves away in, with a roaring fire and a glass of the local tipple to warm you up.

Many local attractions also host plenty of fun events during the autumn months. From scary Halloween-themed days out to fascinating guided walks, you’re bound to find something to capture your interest.

Have you convinced you yet? Glamping really is an amazing way to enjoy the splendour of the season. Unlike camping, glamping means that you’ll have eveything you need to keep you warm and comfortable, whilst still making the most of the great outdoors. You’ll be able to curl up in a real, comfortable bed at the end of the day, as well as enjoy a hot shower, home-cooked meals and much more!

Book your autumn glamping break with today, and fall in love with autumn.


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