Glamping activities for kids - Stargazing

Being in the great outdoors during your glamping holiday is a great opportunity to really appreciate all that is around you. As part of our series of glamping activities for kids, today we are looking at stargazing. For many children, growing up in urban areas or having early bedtimes, might mean they haven’t had a chance to fully appreciate the wonder of the stars, but with a little bit of rule breaking this holiday kids can stay up late and get to see all that the night sky has to offer.

How to stargaze

Follow our simple guide below to become a stargazing expert:

STEP ONE: When you first head outside, turn off all lamps or lights and allow your eyes to adjust to the dark. This can take up to 20 minutes.

STEP TWO: Wrap up warm by bringing a blanket and a chair… You might be sitting out for a while!

STEP THREE: Take binoculars with you to get a closer look at the constellations.

STEP FOUR: Download a stargazing app onto your phone, such as Night Sky or Sky Map, which will help guide you where to look, and will be able to describe what you are seeing.

Focus your eyes

Some children can struggle using binoculars, as they can find it complicated to focus the the separate viewfinders, or may even be too small to look through both at once. Instead, create them their own star telescope using an old toilet roll. It’s a cheap and effective tool, and they can even decorate it in the hours before you head outside so that they have something personalised just for them.

Make a stargazing diary

Keeping with the crafting theme, give your children a small notebook and encourage them to draw down what they see. You can use your star gazing app to put names to the constellations that they see and they can practise their writing and spelling by noting them down.

Learn about the moon

Of course, you’ll not just see the stars up in the night sky – you can also use your time outside to learn about the different phases of the moon. Depending on when you are out you might see a full moon, a new moon or waxing crescent. Learn about each of the phases of the lunar cycle by downloading a kid-friendly guide and then test yourself when you’re out stargazing.

Make a wish

Don’t forget to wish upon a star! If you’re out for long enough you might get lucky and spot a shooting star. If so, make a wish.

We hope you enjoy your night under the stars. If you need any ideas for some daytime glamping activities for kids then check out our guides to trail finding, outdoor games and hide and seek

Take a look at our brilliant Ultimate Guide to Glamping for tips, ideas and what to bring with you when you come.


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