Glamping Activities for Kids – Hide and Seek

Rolling meadows, sun-dappled woodland and the best kind of peace and quiet -  our glamping campsites place you and your family in the very heart of the British countryside. With all that nature waiting on the other side of the canvas, there’s no better way to enjoy it all than with a classic outdoor game – like hide and seek!

Most of us can remember the thrill of searching for a hiding place while the time ticked down, heart racing and stifling giggles. Or the excitement of spotting that stray hand or foot when it was our turn to seek. Hide and seek is loved by children of all ages fo good reason, but it really comes into its own when played outdoors.

And why let the kids have all the fun? Getting the whole family involved adds an element of fun and excitement children (and adults!) will love. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the rural idyll of our glamping locations, entertain the kids and relive those childhood memories.

We’ve compiled some of our favourite ways to make your games of hide and seek the stuff of glamping holiday legend. Just remember to set a boundary area for the game before you start!

Get into character

Take a leaf from some of your family’s favourite books and films by giving everyone a character to play. Whether your seeker is Captain Hook searching for Peter Pan and his lost boys, or the Gruffalo trying to find his woodland friends, taking on a persona for your game of hide and seek is sure to add to the fun. Improvise with impromptu costumes from your holiday wardrobe or if you fancy a challenge, try creating something from your natural surroundings.

Team up

Great for big families, getting into teams can make hide and seek last all day, perfect for wearing out energetic children. Take it in turns to hide and time each team as they seek. Be warned though, adults can often be more competitive than children!

Run for home

As children, many of us would spend hours playing a twist on outdoor hide and seek 40-40, although you might have called it something else. As soon as the seeker spots one of the hiders, they call their name and they both run to a pre-agreed ‘home’ point as fast as they can. The second one to reach home is the new seeker and the game continues. Cue sweating palms, excited sprinting and a lot of laughter.

Get cosy

Sardines aren’t just for sandwiches - this version of hide and seek is another long-lasting favourite in which just one person hides while everyone else seeks. When someone finds the hider, they hide alongside them in the same place, until all but one person is still looking and everyone else is (usually unsuccessfully) squeezing into one hiding place. Seeing your little ones trying not to giggle when you’re all trying to hide behind one tree is magic, we promise.

Add a little war paint

This requires a bit of pre-holiday preparation but it’s worth it. As recommended on, the addition of camouflage face paint to your game of outdoor hide and seek is bound to up the ante. Simple camo face paint is available online or from costume and joke shops, and makes spotting your family hiding in the undergrowth surprisingly difficult. We advise having a whistle handy just in case, after all, no one wants to miss dinner!

If you think this sounds like the type of holiday you want for you and your family – then have a look at the range of breaks we have available today.

Hide and seek is a brilliant way to get kids thinking on their feet. For more ideas for keeping youngsters active outdoors, take a look at our guides to den building, trail finding and outdoor games.

Take a look at our wonderful Ultimate Guide to Glamping for tips, ideas and what to bring with you when you come.


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