Glamping Activities for Kids – Cloud spotting

Thanks to the great British summertime, a clear blue sky tends to be something of a rarity, but we wouldn't have it any other way. If you’ve spent many childhood afternoons laying in the grass staring up at the sky, watching clouds of all shapes and sizes scud across the blue, you’ll know how magical it can be.

Your glamping holiday is a great opportunity to spend some quality family time outdoors as well as a chance to do as much or as little as you want. We think you’ll probably want some time to relax between the trail finding and nature spotting, and cloud spotting is a wonderful way to take a few minutes’ break as a family.

So during your glamping break, wait for a day with a blue sky and plenty of fluffy white clouds, pick a comfortable spot, grab a blanket and let your imaginations go wild. This is an activity that kids of all ages can get really into, and it’s fascinating (and often very funny) to hear the interpretations of what’s above you!

And while it’s lovely to while away the time simply watching the clouds float by, we’ve gathered some ideas for making your family forays into cloud spotting more of a game that the kids will love.

Tick off the types

Every cloud can be identified as one of ten different types and the Met Office has a handy guide to pinpointing each one. The names of each cloud can be a bit wordy for young children, so why not make up your own?

Cirrus clouds could be ‘feather’ clouds, Cumulous clouds look a lot like cotton wool or sheep and Altostratus can resemble flying saucers! Have a copy of the cloud types with you or download the CloudSpotter App from the Cloud Appreciation Society and encourage your kids to get creative.

Elephants, fish and dinosaurs…

The best thing about cloud spotting has to be the pure pleasure of finding shapes in the ever-changing formations – is it a lady dancing or a starfish? A face or a plate of spaghetti? An octopus or a palm tree? Let their imaginations run wild and we guarantee the results will have you all in fits of giggles.

You can also add to the fun by working as a team or competing to be the first to spot a set number of objects; such as ten animals, five star shapes or three clouds that look like people.

Who’s looking back at you?

We all tend to see human faces in inanimate objects, a phenomenon known as pareidolia. Put this to test by challenging your family to find the closest resemblance to familiar faces in the clouds above you. Try and find each other’s faces, faces of friends and family, and even your pets!

Reach for the stars

This depends very much on the weather but if you’re lucky enough to have a cloudy day followed by a clear summer night, watching the stars emerge with your family can be truly dreamlike. Start cloud spotting late in the day, wrap up warm and as the sky deepens, with any luck you’ll start to see the first of the stars twinkle into view.

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Cloud spotting is a great way to get children's imaginations flowing. If you're looking for more fun and games to try, why not read our guides on den building, trail finding and outdoor games

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