6 Glamping-inspired New Year Resolutions

Now that the festive season is done and the New Year is upon us, many of you might be turning your thoughts to New Year Resolutions. From learning a new language to joining a gym, there are plenty of things you might want to achieve in 2020. To help get you started, we’ve picked six of our favourite resolutions to consider. Even better… they’re ones that Lantern & Larks can help you with!

1. Spend more time with loved ones

With our busy lives and long working days, we could all use a little more time with our friends and family. It’s proven to help us relax, improve mental health and, of course, strengthen our relationships with those closest to us.

 A family or group holiday is a great way to escape the stress of everyday life and simply enjoy each other’s company. Here at Lantern & Larks, we can fit up to eight people in our luxury safari tents, so everyone can enjoy a break all together. Imagine sharing stories around a crackling firepit, discovering new places, playing games and much more – all surrounded by your loved ones. What better way to start a New Year?

2. Get active

Are you getting your 10,000 steps a day? Sometimes it can be tricky to be as active as we might like. However, during a Lantern & Larks glamping break, you’ll find yourself hitting your targets without even thinking about it! Our tents don’t have any electricity, so forget settling down in front of the television or computer… Instead, grab your walking boots and start exploring the breathtaking countryside, play a game of football or rounders outside your tent, or try your hand at a fun outdoor activity such as cycling or horse riding. 

3. Discover more of the UK

The UK has some magnificent scenery and landscapes, and all too often they get overlooked. But why not appreciate the beauty we have on our very own doorstep? With our four beautiful sites in Lancashire, Rutland, Suffolk and Somerset, you’ll find yourself within easy reach of some spectacular places to explore. Stroll along Suffolk’s beautiful beaches and coastline, discover the Beacon Fell Country Park, ride the West Somerset Railway… and much more! Even if you prefer to simply sit outside your tent and watch the world go by, you’re bound to discover a whole new appreciation for the stunning British countryside.

4. Learn to cook

There’s just something extra special about digging into a delicious meal that you’ve prepared with your own two hands. Not only is it a hundred times more satisfying, but you know exactly what has gone into it (perhaps helping you work towards your other ‘healthy eating’ resolution!).

A Lantern & Larks glamping holiday is the perfect time to flex your culinary muscles. Your equipment might be more limited than you’d expect in a full kitchen, but you’ll find both a gas and a wood-fired hob, not to mention the famous firepit! Campfire food is also nice and easy to cook, and provides delicious dishes which you and your fellow glampers will love! Don’t miss our recent blogs bursting with exciting recipes, including desserts, veggie options and healthy meals.

5. Take time to relax

The peace and quiet, open spaces, long walks, beautiful scenery and cosy evenings around the fire – there are so many ways that glamping can help you relax and unwind. After all, we could all benefit from taking a little bit more time for ourselves! Feel the stresses of every day life drift away on the fresh air as you sit back and relax at one of our beautiful sites. Leave any thoughts of work, emails and deadlines behind and instead spend your days enjoying time with your loved ones, drinking in the country air and recharging those batteries.

6. Learn a new skill

There are all kinds of new skills that you can pick up on a glamping holiday. Learn how to serve up some delicious meals by cooking over a campfire. Hone your map-reading as you explore the surrounding countryside. You could even pay a visit to one of the many nearby attractions and try something completely new, such as horse riding or water sports! The opportunities are endless, while the beauty of a glamping holiday is that you can do as much or as little as you like…

Whatever you want to achieve, there are plenty of reasons to treat yourself to a Lantern & Larks glamping break in 2020. With our luxury safari tents, beautiful sites and great locations, there really is something for everyone. Give yourself something to look forward to this year and secure your next stay today!


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